• Petra Red Rose City
  • Amman City
  • Dead Sea
  • Jerash
  • Wadi Rum
  • Ajloun Castle
  • Wadi Mujib
  • Aqaba Red - Sea

Tours to Jordan 2019

An enchanting kingdom steeped in historical significance, Jordan offers a diverse and intriguing introduction to Arabia with its fascinating heritage and numerous sites of interest.

Best associated for its ‘lost’ city of Petra and for providing the iconic setting for the classic film Lawrence of Arabia, you’d be forgiven for envisaging Jordan as a desert land wrapping over the horizon, camels slowly treading the dunes and small communities of sugar-cube houses sprouting into view.

Without a doubt, Jordan’s most fascinating attraction is the ‘lost’ city of Petra. Hidden to the wider world until 1812, nothing prepares you for the sheer magnificence of Petra, a city that has been intricately carved out of the red hued mountains by the ancient Nabataean civilisation.

For a greater understanding of Jordan’s history, a trip to the city of Jerash takes you into one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world.Essentially a vast archaeological park where time appears to have stood still, you can wander beneath Hadrian’s Arch, peer up at the Corinthium Column and perhaps even take in a mock gladiator fight or chariot race re-enactment at the Hippodrome.

For those keen to see Jordan’s points of interest concisely, many take to the King’s Highway, a centuries old trade route that wends between the hills, taking in stops at some notable villages. This includes Madaba, where a stunning 6th century Byzantine-era mosaic map of the Holy Land has made it an imperative visit on many a pilgrimage, while a short distance away is Mount Nebo, the vantage point from where God revealed the Holy Land to Moses.

Familiar to many as the setting of Lawrence of Arabia, Wadi Rum’s rolling desert and rocky sandstone formations have appropriately given it the mantle as ‘The Valley of the Moon’ over time.

Fringing just a small corner at the very northern tip of the Red Sea, Aqaba is home to a number of premier resorts that make the most of the excellent weather, pretty beaches and burgeoning facilities. The Red Sea is also a tempting draw with its pleasant warm waters and thriving underwater life, which has established it as one of the world’s top diving destinations.

However, if you only have one chance to get your feet wet on a Jordan holiday, one must make time to visit the unique Dead Sea, otherwise known as the ‘world’s biggest spa’. The lowest point on earth at 423m below sea level – and dropping by a metre every year! -, the Dead Sea sits between the borders of Jordan and Holy Land and is renowned for its exceptionally high salinity.

However, many will visit the Dead Sea for the opportunity to float seamlessly on its surface, the salinity’s most famous association being the water’s natural buoyancy, which ensures it is nearly impossible to sink. With such iconic attractions it is little surprise that Jordan is gathering a fine reputation as a dream holiday destination.

Significant historical sites, an absorbing culture and radiant natural beauty combine to make Jordan a tempting proposition, whether your preference is to explore lost cities, relax on sumptuous beaches or simply get blissfully lost like Lawrence himself…